How to Change Domain Name Without Losing Traffic and Rankings
Changing the domain name is quite risky and often difficult. If the domain change is not done correctly, your site may lose traffic. You need to know what you need to do to be able to correctly orien...
We Promise A Fast Server
The most important point in SEO is the opening times of your web pages. For a few years, Google has been very concerned about page-opening speed. The main reason for this is that after 5 years...
What are we doing?
 We’re renting your web server. We are renting the best web server for your budget.For detailed information.  We are making server installations. We make all the setups according to your web serve...
High Speed Web Server with Varnish Cache
Web servers without a cache system are doomed to fight. No settings can provide the advantages of the cache. Reduce the load on your server and increase the speed of your web pages with the Varnish c...
Fast and Secure Web Site Moving Process

Fast and Secure Web Site Moving Process

Moving a website is very difficult and dangerous. A small mistake or something that overlooked causes bad results. The protection of your website and your content is more important than everything. The extension of the move process can be compensated but the safety cannot be compensated. Our goal is to move your website as soon as possible and without loss. Thanks to our 15 years of experience, we can carry web sites without any proble...

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5 Euro/Month 4 Cores Cpu, 8 Gb Ram, 200 GB SSD Vps
This server is a very convenient server that you can make m...
9 Euro/Month 6 Cores Cpu, 16 Gb Ram, 400 GB SSD Vps
For a payment of 9 euros per month you will not find better...
15 Euro/Month 8 Cores Cpu, 30 Gb Ram, 800 GB SSD Vps
This server is my favorite. You can experience dedicated se...
27 Euro/Month 10 Cores Cpu, 60 Gb Ram, 1600 GB SSD Vps
This server, which is magnificent with every aspect, can ea...