Spam bots are very harmful for your website. They engage your server by surfing your website. They also cause security problems. Unfortunately, blocking spam bots is a difficult task.

The purpose of spam bots is to find a vulnerability on your site. Therefore, they try to access every page on your site. No matter how powerful your web server is, it cannot meet these requests after a while. Because of spam bots, your server is busy with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary requests.

It is almost impossible to block these spam boots manually. You can block spam bots using the htaccess file, but that’s not enough. Due to this problem, we install a firewall on your server. The firewall blocks these malicious spam bots by working in the background.

Correct operation of the protection wall is very important. The protection wall must be set correctly so that your users are not blocked. We make the necessary adjustments after installation of the firewall. In this way, the firewall only blocks spam bots.

The firewall makes temporary or permanent blocking based on our settings. You can also manually block it. You can block ip addresses from the firewall control panel.

What are you waiting?

Block Web Spam Bots

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  • Add Unlimited IP
  • Write Rules
  • Automatic Block