Moving a website is very difficult and dangerous. A small mistake or something that overlooked causes bad results. The protection of your website and your content is more important than everything.

The extension of the move process can be compensated but the safety cannot be compensated. Our goal is to move your website as soon as possible and without loss.

Thanks to our 15 years of experience, we can carry web sites without any problems. Before starting the move process, we always get backups of your site. We keep backups of both your ftp files and database files for 1 week.

We do not close your old server for a while after the move is finished. We expect you to use your new server for a few days.

When you think that there is no problem, we close the old server and finish the move process. In this process, we keep a backup of your website on our own servers. In this way, we are moving your website safely.

The process varies according to the size of the site. It takes about 2 hours for a 10 GB website to be moved and ready for use.

Fast and Secure Web Site Moving Process

$ 50








  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Professional