Web servers without a cache system are doomed to fight. No settings can provide the advantages of the cache. Reduce the load on your server and increase the speed of your web pages with the Varnish cache.

Varnish cache system, reduces the load on your server and decrease the creation and opening time of your web pages. If the content has already been stored by your varnish cache system, the request is returned quickly before it is reproduced.

A high server response time reduces your Google Page Speed Score. Having a low Google Page Speed score will result in your website ranking at the bottom.

Varnish can also reduce the response time of the server cache system. In this way, Google Page Speed also increases your score.

The varnish cache has very useful statistical tables. These tables provide detailed information about the performance of the varnish cache system.

In just one day, 35 percent of incoming requests are covered by the varnish cache system.

Your server load values are always low because your web server doesn’t always produce pages.

The varnish cache system is not available on websites that use cookies. Especially in popular forum sites such as vbulletin and xenforo, using varnish cache causes problems. But we can solve this problem with a few settings. In Forum systems, we move the member login screen to the main page so that the sub forum and subject pages are cached by varnish. This situation makes the entry of the member a little difficult, but it gives you great advantages.

Instant status of the web server that receives 2500 requests within 2 minutes. You can see the server load status from the top right corner.

Varnish Cache System

$ 200







Page Speed


Server Load



  • Faster Web Page
  • Low Server Load
  • Low Responsive Time

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