I’m sorry to say, you can’t get rid of the spam bots. You can partially block it, but you can’t get rid of it. Most of the spam bots do not log into your site as a search bot. They show themselves as users to avoid being caught by firewall and similar security systems. Since they have too many IP ranges, they use many IP addresses at the same time instead of logging in via one IP address. This way they don’t send too many requests with an ip address. Therefore, firewalls such as CSF cannot block all spam bots.

Many firewalls developed to block spam bots could not continue their development due to this reason. Spam bots are the biggest problem that cannot be solved by the web world.

Most of the spam bots just crawl your site and look for information on your web pages. So they are not very dangerous and will not permanently damage your website. Spam bots always keep your server busy. This causes our server to become tired and slow down. As a result, the opening time of your web pages is extended and your webpages fall to the bottom of the search results. This is the biggest damage that spam bots can give to your website. So how can you prevent spam bots from entering your site?

As I wrote above, you cannot block spam bots completely. You can be sure about this. Because, spam bots use thousands of ip addresses.

Let’s give an example.

This list has 400 IP range recordings. These ip addresses are used by spam bots and these ip addresses belong to a single company. Most companies are not aware of this situation. Web domain provider companies rent servers and ip addresses, and then do not control customers web activities.

What can you do to prevent spam boots?

  • Block ip addresses and ip ranges with htaccess file
  • Using a firewall

Both can not solve your problem exactly.

So what are we doing?

Instead of blocking spam bots, we use spam bots for our own benefit.


The web server we set up for you produces a page and keeps it in memory for a certain period of time. In other words, it does not produce the same page all over again. This allows quick opening of web pages and reduces the load on the server. Web pages must be opened periodically for this structure to work properly. At least twice a week. In this way, a copy of each page is kept in memory.

What is Firewall (CSF) Doing?

The firewall is blocking the bots that send too many requests in a short time.

Other bots run freely on your site and allow web pages to be cached.

This way, you are getting rid of both spam bots and speeding up your web pages. All you have to do is reach us.

How to Block Spam Bots

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  • Get rid of spam bots
  • Speed up your pages
  • Pay only 10 euro per month