This value is often seen by webmasters. In the Google Search Console panel, it is shared under the Crawl Stats tab and shows how much time Google boots spent scanning a page.

Because Google boots can scan more pages during the day. A low value indicates that the page’s tray time is good. If an appropriate strategy is applied, this value can be reduced to 25 milliseconds. Reducing this value depends on two things.

1- Continuous and quality content to publish.

This increases the frequency that Google bots visit your site.

2- Your server’s response time is low and web pages can be opened quickly.

If you publish quality content, we can lower this value for you. And we can guarantee that. When we do the necessary operations, this value drops to 25 milliseconds. This process depends on time. Within 1 week, the value is reduced to 100 milliseconds. If you continue to share content, this value falls below 100 milliseconds.

The values of a website we are working on. Domain age 11 years

Fetch as Google Value

Domain age 15 days

Fetch as Google Value

In just 15 days, the Time Spent Downloading a Page value dropped from 700 milliseconds to 102 milliseconds.

These values are not far from you. Just decide to work with us. Leave the rest to us.

Reduce "Time Spent Downloading a Page

$ 80








  • Google bots scan your web pages more
  • Web pages rise to first place