The most important point in SEO is the opening times of your web pages. For a few years, Google has been very concerned about page-opening speed.

The main reason for this is that after 5 years, 90% of web connections will be made over phones. This means that Google does not trust the speed of mobile phone provider companies.  That’s why Google wants web pages to be configured according to low connection speed.

According to Google, slow-opening pages are not preferred by users. Users do not want to repeat the slow-opening pages. Naturally, Google doesn’t show slow-opened pages in search results.

There are dozens of factors that cause a page to open slowly. At the beginning of these factors are inadequate or not properly optimized web servers. Unfortunately it is not easy to find the right web server and optimize it correctly.

Moreover, webmasters often face worse results when they want to do this on their own. Most webmasters spend most of their time at the stage of setting up web servers instead of producing content. If you are in this situation, all you have to do is reach us.

We are setting up the web server and making the right settings. You no longer have to deal with your web server.

After installing our web server

  • Your web pages will open faster
  • Your web server’s response time will drop
  • Google Page Speed ​​Score will increase
  • Your ad revenue will increase as your web pages are opened quickly
  • No more wasted time with your web server

Do you want to see the results?

Un optimized web server
Optimized web server

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